PA Shadowing / Direct Patient Contact

PA Shadowing (25 hours): Our Pre PA Students are placed with a physician assistant who will mentor providing the student with insight to the day to day professional life in the PA profession. The relationship between student and mentor is on an entirely different level than simply following a PA around. Your PA Mentor will counsel and advise you on the various challenges you will face as you navigate your journey through the application process and well into PA school and beyond. Mentor relationships often extend into professional life after you graduate.

Direct Patient Contact (200 hours): Students will have the opportunity to be a patient advocate functioning in the role of Patient Care Liaison. You will be working with patients bringing their concerns regarding the quality of their care directly to the administrative staff as part of the quality care team. You will be performing Quality
of Life Surveys which will open a venue of conversation between you and the patient as a springboard to developing relationships with patients and through the journaling process, you will have the opportunity to introspectively develop your bedside manner and most importantly, your communication skills in a medical setting. These skills will be crafted for you to successfully use at your PA school interview!

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