Advanced Interview Techniques

In order to be accepted to a PA program you must prove yourself uniquely qualified, but being uniquely qualified is not enough in the competitive arena of applying and getting accepted to PA school. Making a solid connection of rapport with the interviewers will give you a significant advantage over other candidates.

EXCELL has utilized interview discussion with our graduates, years of mock interview video critiques, review and study, as well as techniques in public speaking, marketing, communication strategies, body language and neurolinguistics. This cumulative knowledge has culminated in the development of successful interview strategies that have been an integral part of the 97% success rate of EXCELL graduates in getting accepted to PA school.

The Topics in these modules include:

  • Knowledge is power
  • The power of Rapport
  • Feeling of Commonality
  • The three Components of Communication
  • Projecting Yourself
  • Eight Stages of Approach
  • Appearance
  • Attitude
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Open and Closed Body Language
  • Synching Body Language/Vocal Characteristics
  • Physiolgic Cues
  • … and many more

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